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Infant: Ergonomic Baby Wrap Carrier - Baby Sling Backpack Pouch

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Give your infants care and security like the womb with this sling pouch. The soft lining is breathable and comfortable for the baby. It is safe, wear-resistant, reliable and durable.

The carrier pouch has a single strap that is crossed round the body having the pouch in front; easy to use and very safe for infants. The baby wrap is suitable for kids less than 3 years and a nice gift for expectant and nursing mothers.

Infant: Ergonomic Baby Wrap Carrier - Baby Sling Backpack Pouch

We are offering Baby carriers to reduce the crying of the child and can help foster strong bonds between you and our child through increased contact and interaction by holding.

It also frees up your’s hands to do other tasks or attend to another child. So we are offering different types of baby carriers that make your child relaxed. As Babyery points out thatInfant Baby Carriers can also “go where strollers can’t,” such as on stairs or hikes or through heavy masses.

Ergonomic Baby Sling Carrier Pouch For Infant is a very soft and comfortable baby carrier that is popular with parents as an all-in-one baby carrier. It has various clips to adapt to your child’s size as they grow, with front-facing which helps you to interact with your child to makes him or her happy.

Having an entire belt and elastic outer edge that protects your baby to slip out from the carrier. it is like aSling Baby Carrier pouch with amazing trendy design and with a stylish look with front holding and griping. It has a soft fabric to decrease the pressure on the belly and it seems to your child he is in your laps.

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Features of Fsight Infant Ergonomic Baby Wrap Carrier:

  • Carry your baby in safe, secure support, while keeping your hands free.
  • You don't need to placed Baby down to have both hands free with this Sling carrier.
  • Contented to both parent and Baby, the design promotes face-to-face contact.
  • Worn as a sling, Newborn - 20 lbs fit snuggly inside.
  • You get an adjustablepadded shoulder strap, expandable elastic opening, and a secure harness system.
  • It features an energetic design.
  • One size fits all easily regulate to fit both parents. Compare to or more elsewhere.
  •  As the image Bag is stretchy and the belt is adjustable 
  • Newborn to 20 lbs / 9.0kgs.
  • Wide padded shoulder strap with a secure adjustable buckle like Baby  Sling Wrap Carrier
  • Easily adjusts to fit both parents
  • The elastic opening creates a close, secure environment and expands as the baby grows
  • Extra-secure swaddling harness system without buckle or hard edges to cause discomfort
  • Soft fabric provides style and coziness, Machine washable
  • Material: polyester, cotton
  • Age limit 3 months to 3 Years with load-bearing 20 kg

Product details:

Brand Name: FSIGHT
Material: COTTON
Material: Polyester
Material: POLY
Material: Bamboo Fiber
Type: Backpacks & Carriers
Pattern Type: Solid
Carriers Type: Front Carry
Carriers Type: Horizontal
Carriers Type: Front Facing
Carriers Type: Face-to-Face
Carriers Type: Side Carry


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  • Red Plaid  
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Ergonomic Baby Sling Carrier Pouch For Infant is available in one size and different colors having horizon design. It is available all over the world you can order any time online. We are highly interested to hear from you and help you as we can! Explore our more collection for baby careBaby Socks.

Best baby carrier for breastfeeding that keeps your baby healthy:

Most parents swear the baby carriers are a lifesaver and healthier for their babies, it is true because a baby carrier helps yours in the development of your child. It is important to explore the best baby carrier that fits perfectly for breastfeeding because it is one of the toughest jobs.

A super-long piece of stretchy fabric you configure and tie around your body, usually over your shoulders and around your mid-section, provide your child comfort and your child can easily contact you so he or she feels happy to feel you in front of her or him. In this way, your child will be healthy.

So choose our one Carrier that you think will work best for your baby now Take a look at ourToddler Wrap Baby Carriers that will assist you.

What is an ergonomic baby carrier?

An ergonomic baby carrier supports the natural posture of babies while encouraging healthy hip development. ... An ergonomic carrier comes with a wide, comfortable base that supports your baby's weight so more of it is on her bottom rather than her crotch and holds your baby's hips and legs in a frog leg or M shape.

How long should a baby be in a carrier?

You can start using a baby carrier from day one. Most are meant to hold babies when they're a newborn up to 2-3 years old.

Are baby carriers good for babies?

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier, sling or backpack gives you the advantage of having your hands free.

Can you wear an Ergonomic baby carrier on your back?

Yes, I can wear an ergonomic baby carrier on my back.

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