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Portable Baby Carrier Suspenders Backpack

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Our adjustable multipurpose baby carrier features an ergonomic seat with waist and shoulder straps; comfortable for both parent and baby. The carrier ensures the baby is seated in the right position providing necessary back and head support for the baby. Suitable for infants 0-4 years with carrying a load of 20kg. Get yours today.

For parents, having a baby carrier is essential. It is especially when traveling with their babies. Taking care of your child is hard enough at home when you want to go outside. What more when you have to bring your baby outside for like a grocery run. You need to have your Infant Baby Carrier to be able to do your daily tasks. With this carrier, it’s possible to do more tasks even while the baby is with you. We are offering baby carriers for your child care and comfort as well your happiness because when you leave you, child, at home you feel disturbed with the help of  Sling  Baby Carriers you feel relaxed by holding your child with you.

Ergonomic Multifunctional Organic Cotton Baby Carrier having multi-functions & adjustable baby carrier that make it more useful.it has a single seat easy to put and take off especially when the baby learns and walks and with front free parents hand. Prepared by super soft material that is comfortable for your baby and easy to hold for you. It will be a great gift for your baby.

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Age Range: 3-24 months
Load Bearing: 18kg
Material: COTTON
Carriers Type: Front Carry
Carriers Type: Front Facing
Carriers Type: Face-to-Face
Type: Backpacks & Carriers